Saturday, March 22, 2008

Standing Watch

I thought about writing tonight,
But haven't got the heart
Waiting on the pale sunlight
Another day to start.

Fighting sleep and dreams
I'll write anyway
My brain with nothing teems
Tired fingers delay.

Forgive these sleepy lines
Better some than none
More in daylight times
For now I'm done.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking Up

I listened to a song today
Which echoed in my soul
Vibrating against the walls
Of a dark and empty hole
And hollowly it echoed back
The emptiness therein
But will those echos ever end?
Or where did they begin?
Like the cold night air that rushes
Through the mountains' empty caves
Searching, but never finding
The warm resting place it craves,
This song cours`ed through
And filled my frozen heart
With a colder air, a melody
That makes the soul depart;
And into the realms unknown
Of listlessness and sleep
It falls face down as thrown
Beyond what you call deep
And there remains, deep dreaming
Of a place it once called home
Of warmth and sweetest company
Once by its cold heart known


Good Morning Sunshine

The filtering in of lights
A glimpse of clear blue skies
Some sleepy sense of warmth
And dreams lost to op'ning eyes.

A hearty stretch of limbs
Then like a spring, recoil
Those glowing fingers are trying
This comfy state to spoil.

Oh go away, I'm sleeping
Why must you pester so?
The mounds of blankets and pillows
Tempt me to dive below.

But the golden air is singing
My name in notes so sweet
That finally coaxed away from night
The joyful day I greet.


Tired and Sad

Now I lay me down to sleep
Hold back the tears
Try not to weep
Grip the pillows close and tight
No one sees it
Just the night.
And if, somehow,I ope my eyes
Convince me, Morn,
That tears are lies.


Monday, March 17, 2008


So, everyone's talking about housecleaning and stuff. I love to clean, especially when I'm sad angry or depressed. It always makes me feel so much better... Cleaning makes me feel like I have control, that I can make the world a better place. It gives me a sense of order, and reponsibility well fulfilled.It's like a war really; Caesar style, planned out carefully, maps/lists drawn, attacks planned, tools inventoried and accounted for (and/or purchased if found wanting). And then when all has been staked out and prepared, when the mops are watered, the infantry fed, windex paired with paper towels, and the vacuum camped near the best positioned outlet, the attack begins! Granted, not every battle is won: there are mini-retreats, here and there, with plans being laid to return; and the enemy sends out distractions to act as countermeasures. The tv distracts the troops, and the laptop is alluring. BUT! They are ready and well prepared for such decoys, and will not let evil prevail! The cleaning will go on! The war will be won! and some sense of fulfillment and content will settle across the land (er, apartment).So speaking of cleaning... I really should do some myself. I would feel worlds better. Too bad I have to get up so early in the morning. There's always tomorrow right?
Goodnight my sometime fans