Saturday, December 3, 2011

Not the one

You held my heart in your hand
Your hand
And I tried but I could never make
You understand
And when I saw you this weekend I finally realized
You're not the one
You're not the one

Christmas lights and carriage rides
Red lips, pin curls and pearls
Laughter and love, and freezing toes
But no - you're not the one.

I held your heart in my hand
My hand
And you told me but you couldn't make
Me understand
And when I see you this weekend I hope you'll realize
You're not the one
You're not the one

City lights and opera seats
Red dress, long talks and walks
Honest and open, great distance looms
Still no - you're not the one

Ohhh, whoa, whoa, whoa
Baby, don't worry
You're in my heart you're in my prayers
And Baby... our story
Will make sense one of these years
So toss your fears
Toss those fears
Cuz it's they-
And not you (it's you)
They're not 'the one'...


And yet soon was two months ago
Or thereabout

And hearing your voice on the phone tonight
Made me remember
Remember to think, remember to write
And on and on I read, kept reading; until-
Until I remembered
Once again, and picked up my keyboard quill
To type.
But wait - I can't remember - or somehow
The words...
They're just gone, their beauty faded now
Where'd they go?

And I am left here staring and hoping
And dreaming.