Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lofty thoughts

Sitting in the airplane on the way to my grandmother's funeral a couple days ago, I was drifting off to sleep when two poems sprang, almost simultaneously into my head...
One about my past, and the other about my present.

My Past:

You wanted to continue
Even 3000 miles away
You said to me I love you
And convinced my heart to stay
I din't know that you were cheating
And were married all along
That you had bought a house with her
And that she became a mom
The loneliness and the sorrow
You caused me for a year
ended the day that I found out
And I shed not one more tear
The anger helped me heal soon
And I forgave you 'cuz it's right
But I will never forget that wrong
Much worse than endless night.


I look at you, my tongue ties up
Although I babble on
And slowly my heart is breaking
At the thought that you'll be gone.
And the hurt of an angry past
Prevents my willing soul
From speaking up and saying you're
One half of my one whole.
And you won't say a word
You never indicate
What it is you feel
Or whether I'm too late.
And so I'll close my eyes
Let tears fall till I sleep -
It seems the greatest thing I've found
Is a secret I must keep.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Au claire de la lune

Open and bright
Glowing so lovely
When the day kisses night
She blossoms

Timid and shy
His light so sweet
She says sad goodbye
And crumples

The shadow hides
The stems and vines
The moon pulls the tides
And her tears

Longs for the sun
Her life it shines
The world weighs a ton
O Moonflower.

So unsure

Have you ever gone swimming
In a doubtful sea?
Thick and dark like an inkpot...
Every hope stained
With a deep, cavernous hue
Every smile dimmed
By a voice unechoed
And so many chances not taken
For fear of drowning

Do you not feel the same;
Or will you rescue me?