Monday, August 30, 2010


A lovely day it was today
The sun, the air
My heart.
So calm, so peaceful
So ready to move on
Whatever's out there
Waiting to inspire me
Make me laugh
Sweep over my soul
Like an ocean breeze

And as the night
Quietly tiptoes in
And gently brushes its fingertips
Over my lashes
Tired, so tired -
I succumb to it's sprinkling
Of beach sand.

So goodnight.


Monday, January 18, 2010

"Walking at night..."

I like to walk, and never seem to do enough of it since I moved to Virginia. Now that I live in a neighborhood, it'll be great to go on walks and such in the lovely summer evenings when I finally get home. When I was a teenager, I used to go on walks almost every night. By myself, with my sisters, or with one of the younger kids in the stroller. Those walks were something I couldn't live without. They provided a sense of freedom that I couldn't find anywhere else; our home was so controlled, so protected by my mother, that it seemed as though we had to ask permission to breathe. When I would take those walks, I could talk to my sisters about anything, without worrying about being overheard, or judged. I could let my mind wander or not think about anything in particular without being told that I was not putting my time to good use. Mom considered these walks of ours a rather harmless indulgence, and would frequently allow it; little did she know that it was the only chance for sanity that was afforded us at times. On nights when I knew she'd say no, I'd sneak out oh so quietly and walk as quickly as I could, just one time, around the block, for even those few minutes were too precious to relinquish...