Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Live

(written July 12, 2004- Pensacola, FL)

I found out what it was like to live
I found out where hapiness hides
I now know what to take, to give
And where patient time abides

A smile a laugh from you to me
Is what keeps the river flowing
Just open your eyes and you will see
What it takes to keep on going

Sorrow is only passing sad
It comes and goes in storm
YOU decide how terribly bad
And then rise up in the morn

Sadness can be underlying
But happiness has it's place
No matter how often you think you're dying
Between the two it's just a race

A race to see which holds out most
And both seem great in turn
When one dominates the other's a ghost
Our hearts with raging fires burn

So live just LIVE!!!
Just learn and grow
Go on forget the madness
Take all in stride
And soon you'll know
No difference betwixt joy and sadness

The Roof

The rumble, the roar
Sounds men of ages
Have never heard before
Cats that steam, and birds that scream
And skittles helter-skelter.

Response of sorts

I read it, and read it again
And still it fills me with such
Great sadness.
And with the last line, I too-
I wonder. Where is she?
She's alone
But not lonely
Well, not all the time.
And my goodness.
I thought she was strong
But what is this gooeyness
You mention?
I do not like gooey.
And she- she shies away
From it.
And from those lines as well.
You're right my dear...
Where did she go?
Or did she ever leave?